Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace


Graduated row of high luster semi baroque Tahitian black pearl necklace; featuring  33 graduated pearls with a  text book peacock play of green and bronze colors that graduate from 14.60 mm in the front to 12.16 mm at the back. Fastened by a magnetic anodized silver ball clasp with bright cut dotted satin finish.

The entire necklace a luxurious feel to its weight, “its like a black dress you have to try it on”  (Bridgette Saunders)

Length closed: 16″

33 graduated high luster semi baroque Tahitian black pearls:
Shape: Mostly round
Measurements:  14.6 – 12.16
Luster: high
Hues: peacock green, purple,  grey.

Gross weight: 64.65 dwt.