Octobers other Birthstone: Tourmaline

TOURMALINE: The Other Stone. October is one of a couple of months that offer a choice of birthstones to chose from, Opal is the most popular. However, the Tourmaline is an excellent choice because of the vast colors found in this gemstone. According to ancient Egyptian legend, the tourmaline was buried deep within the earth … Read more

OPALS: The birthstone for October

OPALS: The birthstone for October. The “Queen of Gems” the name comes from Opalus, Latin and Opallios Greek and has been treasured thought the world as one of the most beautiful and magical gemstones. Evidence suggests that the Opal was first mined in North America over 10,000 years ago in the Virgin Valley. Archaeological artefacts … Read more


Diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas, when translated means Unconquerable. Hence, the Diamond has become a symbol that has endured for centuries of romance, commitment and love. Golconda Diamonds are the most prized Diamonds as they are the finest White color and transparency known as type IIa. This term means they are free from … Read more