Whats The Big Deal With Natural Unheated sapphires ?

Up to 99 % of all Sapphires are heat treated; Sapphires have been treated for centuries by heat to enhance their color and clarity.  The early forms of heat treatment were rudimentary and highly risky involving heat and blow pipes the results were unpredictable and often shattering.  Today we have computer controlled ovens that heat … Read more

Sell or Consign with Watson and Son

Watson & Son buy and consign jewelry, watches, silverware, gemstones and object de’arte. We are known for our confidentiality and discretion. Buying: Highest prices paid immediately, or wired directly into your bank account Consigning: Consign select items or entire estates so that you may maximize your investment. We are always interested in purchasing watches, diamonds … Read more


We are always looking to buy Rose Cut Diamonds. Featured is a wonderful example of a Rose Cut Diamond. This is an original 5 ct + rose cut diamond from the mid 1800’s. The rose cut diamond is the simplest faceting style’s.  They started disappearing as cutting techniques evolved in the mid to late 1800’s, through … Read more

Natural Yellow Diamonds

NATURAL FANCY YELLOW DIAMONDS: The color of a natural diamond is caused by nitrogen impurities that are present when a diamond is being formed. Because they are extremely rare, natural yellow diamonds are also extremely expensive, although compared to other colored diamonds, they are one of the less expensive colors. Natural yellow diamonds are more … Read more