Suffragette Inspired Jewelry

Suffragette movement of the late 1800’s. Throughout the years women have unified to fight for their rights to have equality. The suffragette movement is one of the earliest women’s organizations to promote the right to vote for women worldwide. The colors of the suffragette movement are white, green and purple.  Purple symbolizes dignity, Green symbolizes … Read more

OPALS: The Myths

OPAL: THE MYTHS Throughout history you will find several myths and legends that revolve around Opals. As far back as ancient Greece the Opal has had a place history of the culture of the times. It was said that Zeus, King of the Greek gods was so pleased when he defeated the Titans that he … Read more


OFF THE CUFF: The cuff link has been a accessory in fashion for over 150 years, no longer are they a bastion of the corporate boardrooms of the past. Today both men and women are linking their French cuffs together with sophisticated elegance. The history of the French cuff and the links that adorn them … Read more

La Peregrina

The pearl, at the time it was found was the largest ever found. The pearl was found off the coast of Santa Margarita in the Gulf of Panama by an African slave in the mid-16th century. The slave was rewarded with his freedom by Don Pedro de Temez, the administrator of the Spanish colony in … Read more


AQUAMARINE, A HISTORY AND LORE: The Birthstone for March The Aquamarine has long been admired by ancient civilizations from the Sumerians, Hebrews and Egyptians and was thought to originate from the treasure chests of Mermaids. The Romans had several beliefs in which the Aquamarine or “Gem of the Sea” played a role. It was believed … Read more

The Lavalier Necklace

Lavalier-A Delicate touch of Beauty: This delicate pendent style necklace was made famous by King Louis XIV of France’s mistress, the Duchesse de la Valliere. Louise was born on August 6th 1644 in Tours. The daughter of an Officer, her father took the name La Valliere’s from an Estate in Amboise. After the death of … Read more


The Necklace: A history; Pre-dating the invention of the written word, the necklace has been an integral part of human adornment since the stone age around 40,000 years ago. Archeologist’s have found a shell necklace in South Africa approximately 75,000 year’s old. The oldest of these necklaces were made from natural materials such as shell, … Read more