18 kt yellow gold Garnet drop pendant and chain


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18 kt yellow gold Garnet drop pendant and chain; featuring an oval faceted fiery red pyrope garnet, bezel set in a textured heavy floating pendant. Dropping from a semi rigid springy coil necklace.

Circa: 1980’s
Length closed: 16″
Marks: 750 (18k purity mark)

Oval faceted pyrope red garnet:
Measurements: 12 x 11 x 6.81 mm
Hue: warm slight brownish red
Shade / saturation: rich
Clarity: loupe clean

Gross weight: 19.75 dwt.

The wine-red color, clarity and good play of light of this round faceted AA-grade garnet make it an appealing choice for custom jewelry designs of all types. Garnet is the birthstone for January.

Traditional red garnet derives its deep color from iron and magnesium. Garnets are actually a family of closely related gemstones. The most common color is red; however garnets are also found in green, orange, pink and even blue.
Often worn by royalty, perhaps because of its protective qualities. The bezel-set round natural garnet


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