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Victorian riviera necklace

Victorian diamond Riviera necklace: Displaying a scintillation of graduated cushion cut diamonds, perfectly calibrated for size, matched for color and clarity. Each diamond is set in sterling silver (the preferred setting medium of the 1880’s) and supported in 18 kt rose gold galleries . Sometimes these days, of just in time manufacturing and technology, we forget that this necklace may have taken a few years to produce. Based on the fact that there were very few diamond cutting centers in the world at this period, cutting and matching entire layout may have taken years. Also we have to consider that each cushion cut diamond shape is unique and each setting had to be handmade to accommodate. Manufacturing the old fashion way took forever.   We also notice that although almost illegible after all these years) the back of each setting has the original individual diamond weight it holds.


Circa: 1870’s – 1880’s (Victoria)

Origin: European


44 graduated old cushion cut diamonds:

Estimated total weight: 21.00 ct

Color: H-I

Clarity: Vs2 – Si1

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