Whats The Big Deal With Natural Unheated sapphires ?

Up to 99 % of all Sapphires are heat treated; Sapphires have been treated for centuries by heat to enhance their color and clarity.  The early forms of heat treatment were rudimentary and highly risky involving heat and blow pipes the results were unpredictable and often shattering.  Today we have computer controlled ovens that heat … Read more

Suffragette Inspired Jewelry

Suffragette movement of the late 1800’s. Throughout the years women have unified to fight for their rights to have equality. The suffragette movement is one of the earliest women’s organizations to promote the right to vote for women worldwide. The colors of the suffragette movement are white, green and purple.  Purple symbolizes dignity, Green symbolizes … Read more

Jazz up the blues this Christmas

Create your own legacy with this ring; featuring a cushion shaped natural blue Ceylon Sapphire in a bezel setting. Surrounded by a row of 12 round brilliant cut diamonds bead and bezel set with cabochon cut natural blue sapphire points. The under gallery is pierced in coronet style with pinched shoulders. All that jazz… Cushion … Read more

Ravishingly Retro

RAVISHINGLY RETRO: Featured today is a 14 kt yellow and platinum Retro period ring, featuring a central pave section of old European cut diamonds supported in platinum, accented on all sides by calibre cut rubies. Circa: 1940’s Retro Dimensions: 24.07 x 15:83 x 9.23 MM Dia: 1.60 ct apx. Color: I/J Clarity; vs1/vs2. 30 natural … Read more

Octobers other Birthstone: Tourmaline

TOURMALINE: The Other Stone. October is one of a couple of months that offer a choice of birthstones to chose from, Opal is the most popular. However, the Tourmaline is an excellent choice because of the vast colors found in this gemstone. According to ancient Egyptian legend, the tourmaline was buried deep within the earth … Read more