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The Mask Bling Revolution

During this time of COVID-19, the humble but obligatory face covering is nothing but a blank canvas waiting to be accessorized. With crafty masks, neck gators and jaunty bandanas on faces all around us — the face covering is in our midst for the foreseeable future.
“The queen Bee – jackie or security official”
The Mask Bling Revolution 1

International brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes and Chanel are racing to produce fashionable coverings, and home sewers are reviving cottage industries with scrap fabric long buried in their closets.
Princess Rani:
The Mask Bling Revolution 2

Bling out and bejewel your mask, wherever it is from, with the addition of a diamond or colored stone, a stick pin or even a gem set bug. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary.


Be the bell of the grocery aisle and the talk of the TP shelves.

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