Jewelry & Watch Repair / Restoration

  • Jewelry Repair & Restoration
  • Hand Engraving
  • Ring Sizing (often same day)
  • Gem Repair, Cutting, Repolishing & Replacement
  • Watch Repair & Authentication
  • Pearl & Bead Restringing & Reconfiguration
  • Custom Design
  • Appraisals (Done while you watch)
  • Jewelry Buying & Consignment


Jewelry repairs: We specialize in antique and period jewelry repairs, alterations, restorations and stone replacement. Working in platinum gold and most precious metals. Come and have your jewelry checked free of charge. An initial inspection will allow us to observe the condition and security of catches, settings and pearl necklaces for signs of wear and potential failure. Then you can wear you jewelry with confidence. If your jewelry does need repairing we will give a free estimate for you or your insurance company.

Diamond and gemstone repair or re cut: Most gemstones can be repaired and or re cut with very little weight loss, blending traditional cutting and polishing techniques with todays technology.  Bring your chipped / broken diamonds or colored gemstones to us for a free consultation.  Put the sparkle back into your life.


A little more subtle repair where the facet junctions were worn and abraided, absorbing a lot of the light from the diamond



Watch repairs: Most high grade watches serviced with qualified Swiss trained watchmakers. 12 months guarantee on all work. Specializing in complicated, vintage and contemporary; Patek Philippe, Vacheron and Constantin, Audemars Piguete, Rolex, Panerai, Girrard Peregaux, Bedat, Omega, Cartier and many more. Please call us if your watch is not listed.   If your watch does need repairing we will give you a free estimate.

Appraisals:All appraisals done while you watch in our office, or in the comfort of your own home.  All items will be thoroughly described and catalogued with photographs. Your appraisal will then be securely archived indefinitely.

Shipping jewelry and watches to us: Please contact us before shipping anything to us and we will be delighted to send you a free fully insured, step by step shipping kit.

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