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Enamel work has a broad range of styles, from transparent, champlevé, opaque, plique-a-jour, guillachiere to cloisonné to name but a few techniques.  Enamel work has been around for centuries and is a beautiful way to add color to an object. Enamel is not exclusive to jewelry, decorative objects such as clocks, pens, plaques, lighters, cigarette boxes and perhaps the most famous objects to use enamel-the Faberge Eggs of the Russian Tzars.

Enamel has the appearance of being an extremely hard durable material however it is indeed a fragile medium. When enamel is chipped or damaged it is highly visible to the eye.

There are two ways to repair damaged enamel and it takes a skilled artisan to create seem-less repairs. A great repair can restore not only the damaged enamel but color and lost detail caused by time.

Cold Method; is used if the re-firing of the object would cause further damage to the original design.

Hot Method; is used when the object can be heated to set the repaired enamel without causing damage to the surrounding undamaged enamel.

Both area’s large and small can be repaired to restore the object to its original beauty.

Contact Watson and Son for all of your jewelry repair needs, from watches, stringing, sizing and custom design.

Featured today is a before and after of a Cold Method repair of an enameled pendent watch. The repair restored both the original color and damaged enamel.Enamel Repair AEnamel Repair B

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