Beatrix The Bug


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Beatrix is hand crafted in rich textured , yellow gold.  Her body is a fiery faceted green peridot with a cultured pearl head. She sees you through a matching pair of diamond cut ruby eyes.


14 kt yellow gold bug brooch; featuring an oval faceted peridot, cultured white Akoya pearl and ruby eyes. Her wings are bright cut  engraved, fitted with a bar pin and revolving safety clasp.

Dimensions: 25.24 mm (antennae to feet) x  26.71 (wing tip to wing tip)

Circa: 1950’s

Construction: hand made and engraved

Oval faceted peridot:

Measurements: 9.65 x 8.33 x 7.14 mm
Estimated weight: 4.03 ct apx.
Hue: slight yellowish green
Saturation: Rich
Clarity: Loupe clean

Gross weight: 3.10 dwt.