It’s good to be square

The Asscher cut was developed by Joseph Asscher, one of the most renowned names in the history of diamond cutting. The Amsterdam family firm cut the Cullinan and the Excelsior-the two largest rough gem diamonds in the world. They also created the Asscher Cut, the first emerald cut. Joseph Asscher first patented the cut on December 2nd, 1902, just in time for Christmas. Almost two decades later the cut was perfected to the classic proportions we covet. The Asscher cut is different from the contemporary emerald cuts that we see today. Generally speaking when we look from the side, the crown is higher and the pavilion is deeper. Looking down on the top we see that the stone is generally square with aggressive corners, making it seem almost octagonal in it’s outline. The overall geometric effect was perfect for the Art deco styling that arose from the 1920’s. Watson & Son has always been a leading source for this very rare cutting style and the period jewelry it so often adorned.

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