Matching Pair of European Cut Diamonds

Matching pair of original European cut diamonds  a beautiful cutting style from before the turn of the 1900’s.

Very rare to find as near colorless and even rarer as a pair because the diamonds were not cut to mathematical calculations like the modern brilliant cut of today.


How would you set them ?

Total weight: 6.14 ct

GIA Certified:

a) 3.02

Color:  I

Clarity: VVs2


Weight: 3.12

Color: I

Clarity: Vs1


The scintillating European style diamond cut does not originate in Europe, however it all began with a group of European diamond cutters in Boston around the turn of the 1900’s . This style of diamond cutting was individual to each crystal and often a decadent use of diamond material, unlike its younger brother the modern brilliant cut that is a mathematically calculated formula to maximize the size of diamonds cut form the rough octahedron shaped diamond crystal

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