Natural Pearl Lavaliere

Hand crafted in 18 kt yellow gold crowned with platinum. Displaying white Natural Pearls and rose cut diamonds in the free flowing, passionate curves of that period.

Dimensions; 1 7/8″ drop x 1 1/4″ wide

Circa; 1900

Natural Pearls – A beautiful oops of Nature

Natural pearls are formed randomly and really are simple accidents of nature. When a certain type of irritant, such as a parasite, becomes lodged in the tissue of a mollusk, the animal responds by secreting a calcium carbonate substance called nacre to coat the intruder and protect the mollusk. Just like our own antibodies protect us from irritations and diseases. Several years later, this build-up of nacre forms a natural pearl. Natural pearls of any commercial value or desirability are extremely rare. Not to be confused with cultured pearls, where an irritant is added to the oyster by human hands. The resulting coating is much shallower and does not have the same orient or luster. The of course there are the simulated pearls that have never seen a photograph of an oyster, let alone got wet – even!!

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