Old mine cushion cut

Loose diamond: Original old mine cut cushion from the late 1800's

Weight; 2.40 ct

Color; J

Clarity; Vs1

The old mine cut diamond (Named for the old mines they came from) was the first of the fully facetted diamond cuts dating back to the 1800s, a very early forerunner to the modern brilliant cut of today. Following the crystals natural octahedron shapes it is rarely round and generally a cushion shape, with four rounded sides and corners. The profile is often deep and the top or crown is usually higher with a table facet smaller than most modern cutting styles. The bottom of the pavilion (called the culet) is open or polished.. Every diamond that was cut this way is as individual as it's owner and relies more on the natural beauty of the diamonds crystal than the mathematical calculations of its contemporaries. Many of these old diamonds were re-cut to modern diamond proportions. To date no one is cutting them to the same proportions as they do not yield as much
finished / cut diamond as today's modern diamond cutting styles.

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