Rattle Ring in 18kt White Gold by John Reihold


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18 kt white gold Rattle ring ; featuring a “D” section made with two rotating bands the outer band is bright polished dome shape and inner band is held in place by a spring loaded button, that when depressed allows the inner band to rotate and reveal hidden separate compartments (lucky 8 total), that round faceted stones can be held secretly held. (up to 0.25 ct diamonds can be used) in this case a rainbow of lucky 8 colored gemstones including green tourmaline, peridot, pink tourmaline, amethyst, aquamarine and blue topaz are included.

Finger size: 10 1/2 (not sizable)

Perfect for hiding stealth wealth in investment diamonds, kind of like a ransom ring…

Creation: Hand made

Designer: John Reihold


Width: 7.5 mm

Fitted box: Yes original fitted rosewood .

Gross weight: 7.4 dwt.

Note: This product is still available on the company’s home page.

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