Suffragette inspired smile brooch


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Suffragette inspired brooch: 14 kt rose gold crescent of graduated Amethyst, Peridot and diamond; the round faceted Amethysts and Peridots are graduated in size and individually set in coronet style settings and the old mine cut diamond is bezel set attached to a knife edged crescent of rose gold . Fitted with a curved pin and revolving safety clasp.

Perfect to add a smile to your face… Mask ;>)
Circa: 1890’s

Length: 41.14 mm

3 round faceted Amethysts:
2.25 ct apx.

2 round faceted Peridots:
Estimated total weight: 2.05 ct apx.

Old mine cut diamond:
Estimated weight: 0.21 ct apx.
Color: I/J
Clarity: Si1/ Si2

Gross weight: 2.9 dwt.

Inspiration: Suffragette movement of the late 1800’s. Throughout the years women have unified to fight for their rights to have equality. The suffragette movement is one of the earliest women’s organizations to promote the right to vote for women worldwide. The colors of the suffragette movement are white, green and purple. Purple symbolizes dignity, Green symbolizes hope and white symbolizes purity. These women were persecuted outright and endured arson, property damage and were jailed for voicing their opinions. These women banned together and used their minds and bodies to stand up for their rights. Although these women suffered for us and our rights, we are now having to fight again for what is right. On January 21st, 2017 we banned together, once again, to voice our opinions through one of the largest, peaceful protests in history because women’s rights are still an issue to be upheld.


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