The Modern Round Brilliant Cut

The king of cuts today; the blue print was originally conceived in 1919 when Marcel Tolkowsky – a young mathematician , wrote a Masters thesis on the proportions for round brilliant cut diamonds. This became the basis for what has become known today as the Ideal Cut. A mathematically calculated cut designed to reflect and refract as much light as possible back up through the table of the stone, utilizing the precise angles and proportions of every one of its 57 – 58 (if the culet on the bottom of the pavilion is polished) facets. This is why older cut diamonds such as the old mine and old European cut are rare, many of them were re cut into the new and improved cutting style with the shallower crown the cutter is able to save more diamond weight from the rough. The end result is a scintillating burst of rainbow colored fire. In recent years companies have micro altered this by adding or changing facets and or their angles. Often in an effort to create blindness through branding, companies such as Hearts on Fire and Hearts and Arrows. These and others have taken the commodity of the round brilliant cut, hand-picked its distributors and added perceived value to create more potential profit in a digital market where the round brilliant cut has become the open rows and columns commodity of diamonds .

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