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Sony DscDiamond comes from the Greek word Adamas, when translated means Unconquerable. Hence, the Diamond has become a symbol that has endured for centuries of romance, commitment and love.

Golconda Diamonds are the most prized Diamonds as they are the finest White color and transparency known as type IIa. This term means they are free from Nitogen, therefore chemically pure and colorless. (Defined by the GIA and Gubelin Gem Labs).

Located in South Central India in an area that is today the state of Hyderabad, the Golconda diamond mines have been the first known source for diamonds since the 4th Century B.C. and the primary location for diamonds until the 1730 discovery of diamonds in Brazil.

The defining characteristics of Golconda diamonds and what sets them apart and in a class by themselves are their incredible transparency, “whiteness”, and purity.

India’s diamond mines were depleted centuries ago, making Golconda diamonds very rare in today’s market.

Featured today is a wonderful Harry Winston Marquess Diamond ring. Mounted in platinum, the 14.75 D/F color Marquess has a GIA certificate. Accented by two tapered baguettes with a weight of 1.17 carats.

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