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Whats The Big Deal With Natural Unheated Sapphires ? 2

Whats The Big Deal With Natural Unheated sapphires ?

Up to 99 % of all Sapphires are heat treated; Sapphires have been treated for centuries by heat to enhance their color and clarity.  The early forms of heat treatment were rudimentary and highly risky involving heat and blow pipes the results were unpredictable and often shattering.  Today we have computer controlled ovens that heat the sapphire anywhere from 700 degrees to super-heated and treated 1950 degrees for a period of hours to weeks altering the atomic structure to improve color and clarity, often adding filling material such as colored glass to heal and fill cracks or fissures.

The sapphire enclosed:


Platinum Sapphire and diamond solitaire ring; featuring an oval faceted natural untreated or heated sustainably sourced blue sapphire in a classic 4 prong setting supported in a double gallery, accented by a matching pair 1/2 moon shaped diamonds (2 total). Attached to ra bright finished rounded shank and matching shoulders.

“Immerse yourself in its natural rich velvety blue – guaranteed to keep away the unwanted blues”

Oval faceted natural (no heat) blue Ceylon sapphire
Certified by: AGL (American Gemological Laboritories) USA
Weight: 7.24 ct
Certified: no heat
Hue: Lavender blue
Saturation: medium rich
Clarity: eye clean

Matching pair of 1/2 moon shaped diamonds:
Total weight: 1.21 ct
Color: E
Clarity: Vs1 / Vs2

Note: In addition to being a text book example of a fine un-enhanced natural Sapphire, was sustainable sourced with full transparency from mine to us – come and meet the owner of the mine.


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