Art Deco Platinum Double clips

Art Deco Platinum Double clips: Hand made featuring; old European cut, single cut and straight baguette cut diamonds. In a geametric design accented with mille-graining and open pierced work.


Total weight; 6.00 ct apx.

Color; F/G

Clarity; Vs1 / Vs2

More about the double clip brooches of that period:

The double clip brooch is a beautiful example of the Art Deco period. In both geometric style and ingenuity. Consisting of two clips that are generally a mirror image of each other. They were worn together with the use of a hidden frame, or! Separately on lapels and in the corners of the square ladies neckline of that period. Today some are worn as bold earrings. So often when we find them one has been lost and or the hidden frame is missing.

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