Theo Faberge Gold Rush Egg


This wonderful tribute Egg is a limited edition of 6. The egg we have for sale is number 3 out of 6. Please contact us for price and availability.

The Gold Rush Egg was created by Theo Faberge as a tribute to the hearty pioneers who flocked to California during the gold rush of 1849. The golden bear of California stands atop the egg acting as guardian over images on the 18 karat gold shell. A Clipper ship docking in San Francisco bay bears its cargo on the front while on the reverse, a Conestoga wagon carries prospector to west, to find their fortunes.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are hand worked in red gold around the egg’s center.  The Sacramento River flows around the mountains base in white gold with a miner working the banks of the river, at the back a pair of hand engraved scales stand ready to weigh his find.  Then in bronze, on the base shaft, a sifting-pan bears miniature pairs of pick-axe, shovel and woodman’s axes. At the base of the pedestal, statues that symbolize the gold rush are displayed; striking a pose of confident pose, a prospector and his pack-mule, a dancing girl kicking her boots on the inlaid bricks of 18 karat gold on the cobbled street.

Upon opening the egg you find the miniature scene; a gold Chinaman tending his Long Tom next to a hand modeled water wheel carrying the ore bearing white gold water.  As is the Faberge tradition, the final surprise is found when you lift the scene above to find a original nugget of California gold resting in a prospector’s pan.

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